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Holiday Excitement in Maarif Schools

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day was celebrated in Maarif Schools in various areas in the world.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Country Director handed over his chair to a student in Tunisia Maarif Schools. Various demonstrations were presented, poems were read, and painting and composition contests, games and activities were also performed. Students who were placed in the competitions got their awards in April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day ceremony.

In Mauritania Maarif Schools, Turkish Embassy representatives in Nouakchott, students and their parents attended the ceremony. Students read poems, played a Turkish game named as “Yağ Satarım Bal Satarım” and had fun in sack race.

In Georgia, students of Tbilisi Maarif Schools participated in the ceremony held in the Embassy yard and sang songs. Many competitions were held in the ceremony in Tbilisi Maarif Schools. Students preforming tight races had really great fun.

A comprehensive ceremony was held in Somalia Maarif Schools. Students flied their kites, performed various demonstrations, played games and participated in the competitions.

In Niger Maarif Schools, students presented their games prepared by the flags of both counties representing the cultural interaction and they read poems.

In Senegal, ceremonies were held in Maarif Schools which are located in three different cities. Governor’s chair was given to a student in the ceremony in which traditional dresses of Senegal were used. Senegalese people stated that they had seen such a practice for the first time and they will also adopt it.

In the celebrations which were made in Kosovo Maarif Schools, students sent love and peace messages with their balloons from Shadervan Square to the world. Then, they climbed to Prizren Castle and had fun by flying the kites they prepared.

Students of Djibouti Maarif Schools played games and sang songs with their families in the ceremony which was held in Turkish Embassy in Djibouti. “Wish Peace and Brotherhood in the world” painting which were made by the students and their teachers was presented to the Ambassador Sadi Altınok.

Schools were decorated with flags, balloons and various materials in April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day which were celebrated in Maarif Schools. Students had great fun in the competitions held. Families were really happy and content while watching their kids having fun.