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Student Support Programme

Our school currently has a support program that targets students who have learning difficulties in certain subjects.

The program is planned and overseen by the administration. In order to be enrolled, students will complete a written placement test and will undergo an individual student evaluation.


- Students are accepted by an exam according to our admissions policy.

- The student’s level should be defined at the beginning of the year and if possible, they should be separated according to their level.

- Parents should be notified of any changes of level as discussed and advised by our school admission committee. Upon parents’ acceptance, students can start the previous level.

- We can decide to separate students by level for language subjects only. In this case, the student’s level is checked by the teachers in the first month of the start of the academic year.

- Teachers need to define the student’s weaknesses in all subjects by examining test results, grades, teachers’ evaluation reports and suggestions.

- Our school counselor will also provide a student psychological report.

- Teachers affiliated to the school support program will use different methods and styles of support to help learners. Teachers will work to raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning.

- The support program will be followed by one of the admin team.

- The support program can be defined as follows:

- Saturday programme from 9.00 to 12.30.

- After school programme

- During school hours – students will have their schedule and lessons changed according to the support program.

- Teaching assistant in the classroom: For core subjects, an assistant will be made available to assist and support the main classroom teacher.

- Parent responsibility and support: Parents will be informed about their child’s weaknesses. They will also be informed about our support program. If required, we may provide advice on recruiting a teaching assistant that will help with private tuition.

- Clubs: We will have clubs available to improve our students’ general academic level.

- Each section of our support program will be planned properly. Evaluation reports will be written, followed up and filed to aid the school for future support program activities.