our values


Our school is an international school with English as the language of instruction. The school building facilities are spacious and conatin bright, colorful classrooms that are favourable to a constructive learning environment. We provide a variety of clubs and activities that meet students needs and interests; Respect and fairness determines the relationships in our school community. We aim at providing our students with the skills and values, through learning, to be good citizens who contribute to the improvement of their community.

We aim to create a school atmosphere where everyone respects each other, appreciate each other’s differences and become a global citizen
We believe that loving the kids and respecting them are the most important steps of education.
We are aware of the fact that we not only educate our children but also built our future.
We believe that all kids have superpowers which come from their birth.
The schools should support their abilities and improve them.
Our goal is to educate, teach and at the same time make our students practice the core values of the school: respect, discipline, and excellence.