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Principal Message

Dear parents, Dear Teachers, Dear Students,

It’s a great pleasure to introduce myself as the Principal of International Maarif Schools, Tunisia. Maarif is one of the biggest international education school system. Any school stands on four pillars. Program, staff, physical conditions and spirit. These constitute the ecosystem of the school. This is done by the professional staff that we have hired. We are here to make a difference. Our goal is to make our school the most successful and distinguished school in Tunisia.

My main priority as principal is to ensure that the school aims to become an outstanding international school where pupils can achieve great success into universities worldwide with expected and high entrance levels.

We have applied to the Cambridge International system. We have worked hard to be familiar with the Cambridge programme. The core subjects are English, Maths, and science. There are many other subjects will help the students be an individual person in their life. Arabic, French and Turkish are other languages at our school. I'm sure The Cambridge Global Perspective program will be extremely useful for the students for entire life. We will also have new workshops, robotics, mental games, critical thinking skills and drama training. We will all be a team that learns and shares together with the students, the teachers, the administration and the parents. We have had lots of training and we will have more. Our educational perspective is Lifelong learning.

We care about our students and our future. They are so important and precious to us. We love them very much and we care about them. We must be useful to our children and we should plan their future well. We are professional, and we are here to use our experience and skills to make this school better together. We have an excellent education team. The teachers have the biggest responsibility and they will work hard to look after the students and educate them properly. We are here not only to educate our students but also to support them.

It is the school that brings out the talents of good school learners. Teachers who encourage and support students are good teachers. You will see we will do our best and work hard to be the leaders of education inshallah.

Thank you very much and I wish you all the best

Internationally Yours,